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Bryan W. Jackson is a nonprofit leader and former educator. He is also a husband and proud father to a biracial, interfaith 3-year-old boy and newborn baby girl. Bryan’s introduction into fatherhood started with a single question; how do I raise a proud, confident, and intelligent Black children?

He used this driving question to galvanize other new fathers and founded attachMENt a Virginia-based fathers group that supports dads on their fathering journey. Bryan understands the importance of transforming the negative narrative about Black fathers and has used this passion to also co-create and co-host the Dad Genes: Exploring the DNA of Healthy Fathering Podcast where he and 2 other Black dads discuss the successes and challenges of fathering. Bryan W. Jackson is a native of Milwaukee, WI

and a proud graduate of Columbia University in New York City (M.A.) and the

University of Minnesota (B.S.).

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