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Project Success

Youth Development Programs

Project Success is how we engage with youth to better promote positive youth empowerment and healthy lifestyle choices for students through youth development programs.

CYEP wants to ensure we provide our youth with youth training programs that will help them achieve their goals and become successful, productive adults.

The youth training programs on Project Success addresses a variety of topics and subject matter which include teen pregnancy prevention, domestic violence prevention, STEM, mental health awareness and social and emotional learning.

Project Success Youth Development Programs

Classes We Teach:
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

    Teen pregnancy prevention and HIV/AIDS risk reduction youth training programs are designed to promote positive youth development and healthy lifestyle choices for students.

  • Healthy Relationships-Safe Dates / (HYPE)

    HYPE is a one-of-a-kind teen program that targets attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and domestic violence.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    CYEP creates a supportive environment to address the mental health needs of all the youth who participate in our youth training programs. We aim to reduce mental health stigma, increase mental health advocacy, build resiliency, and teach strategies that promote positive mental health.

  • Level Up

    An economic empowerment program that focuses on leveling the playing field for underserved youth. The program features financial literacy, mentoring, and healthy life choice education administered by a combination of CYEP staff and community partners invested in promoting equity and equal opportunity by connecting youth to resources not found in conventional educational programming.

What You Learn:

CYEP works with young people, their families, and the community to secure brighter futures for our youth by offering culturally competent, evidence-based programming that:

  • Assist youth in reducing risky behaviors which place them at risk for HIV, STIs, and pregnancy
  • Encourage youth to abstain/delay having sex for those who are sexually inexperienced
  • Educate youth on proper condom usage
  • Encourage the reduction of unprotected sex among youth
  • Encourage youth to take pride in making responsible decisions
  • The reduction of the frequency of adolescent dating violence and gender role norms
  • The improvement of peer help-giving and dating conflict-resolution skills
  • The promotion of victim rights and perpetrator beliefs in the need for help
  • Decrease of dating abuse victimization and perpetration

Contact Grady Poole at 571-244-8378 or gpoole@cyep.org for more information

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CYEP Youth Program video

Watch our video about our Project Success Youth Development Programs.

Our work teaches youth to be social-emotional learners, sound decision-makers, and leaders among their peers.


Positive Youth Empowerment

Our Why:

CYEP is committed to providing youth with the social-emotional learning (SEL) skills needed to thrive in today’s society through our youth training programs. 

SEL is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success. Youth with solid social-emotional skills can better cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially. 

CYEP understands you can’t show a kid how much you know until you show the kid how much you care about them. Our goal is to offer our youth a pathway to their best possible future via these youth training programs. 

Furthermore, by using a combination of research-based curriculum, group-style learning, and engaging program facilitation for our youth empowerment programs, we allow our young adults to take control of their own lives.

the pillars which make CYEP strong

3 Pillars

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We teach youth to make positive decisions that will protect themselves and their partners.


We equip youth with social-emotional learning skills to be successful academically and socially.
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We unite youth and parents around healthy communication skills to be a positive support system for their children.

Artwork submitted by project success students at the
Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center

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