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Fatherhood Programs Near Me

If you’ve been spending your days searching for “fatherhood programs near me,” you’ve come to the right place! At CYEP, we offer Fathers in Tech

This program takes fathers on a transformative journey that increases the quality of each father’s interactions with his children and loved ones while also providing economic growth and fostering family empowerment.

Using a unique approach of social interventions combined with workforce skills development, CYEP is able to harness every father’s potential and unlock the inner strength needed to not only compete but succeed in today’s society.

Furthermore, we are a powerful engine of hope set on “leveling the playing field” for underserved fathers by providing them with access and resources that have traditionally not been available to them.

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the Fathers in Tech program.

The Fathers in Tech Program equips fathers with various skills and tools related to boosting family empowerment, which they can utilise to strengthen lives and change communities.
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the pillars which make CYEP strong

3 Pillars

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From workshops on self-care and positive parenting to teaching fathers financial literacy and interpersonal skills, CYEP’s fatherhood programs near me are positioned to be a force that uses education to promote change.


From one-on-one career coaching to technical skills training, CYEP is in the business of equipping fathers with the skills to generate more financial provisions for their homes, thus boosting family empowerment within their communities.

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From paid apprenticeships to computer-based jobs, CYEP is a unifying force for families and communities by leveraging industry partners to connect fathers to employment opportunities.

Our Why:

Fathers Are Important.

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Our fatherhood programs promote unity within communities, giving fathers an opportunity to truly connect with one another and their families. Experience has proven that when fathers have a strong relationship with their child, the impact on that child’s life is undeniable. CYEP is committed to providing fathers with the power they need to not only be present but to also make a difference.

Through the Fathering Skills and Fathers in Tech programs, CYEP offers support services to males to help them become responsible, nurturing and informed fathers who are positively engaged in their child’s life.

We also understand that having the resources to provide for your family is essential to a father’s confidence. Our fatherhood programs prepare males with education, workforce development as well as technical and leadership skills to enter into the knowledge/skill economy. Through our dedicated instructors’ help, fathers can confidently secure a rewarding career that changes the trajectory of their life and their family’s foundation.

Feel free to check out our free workspace skills training program.

At CYEP, our goal is to build the skills of disenfranchised fathers by unlocking their value, equipping them with resources to provide financially and connecting them to industries in order to thrive and increase family empowerment.

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FIT is a one-of-a-kind program. They foster a culture of respect and they helped me look at my situation from another perspective. I was able to prioritize my family and focus on gaining the skills necessary to thrive financially.


I owe CYEP 100 favors. FIT helped me obtain custody of my children and secure stable employment.


Fathers in Tech provides the support and pathways necessary to capture the talent available in our large and diverse population.

Emily McGrath

NextFlex Director of Workforce Development


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How it works.

National Partnership of Community Leadership Curriculum
FREE 12-Week Program to all participants includes the following:
  • 12 weeks of classroom learning
  • Monthly Activities with Children Access to City Resources
  • Food and snacks provided

What you learn.

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Classes will teach you:
  • Self awareness (trauma and resiliency)
  • Personal development
  • Life skills
  • Wellness
  • Fathering skills
  • How to develop healthy relationships with your kids
  • Relationship skills
  • Co-Parenting

Fatherhood Programs Near Me Registration

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Our fatherhood programs’ journeys begin with recruiting eligible males (over the age of 18) through a referral system powered by a credible network of partners:

  • Government Agencies
  • Community-based Providers
  • Faith-based Organizations

Once an eligible participant is identified, CYEP takes the participant through a fatherhood program intake meeting led by an experienced facilitator to ensure interest and understanding of the knowledge and skills to be gained.

Scan QR code to enroll or click below to enroll now.

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Capital youth empowerment program

Searching for “Fatherhood Programs Near Me”?


Virtual Classes

All Fathering Skills & Fathers In Tech workshops will be held as virtual classes until further notice. CYEP is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all. Please contact CYEP for participation accommodations.

Areas we cover
Quick Enquiry

    Contact for more information
    Washington, DC Classes (Open to all Fathers)

    Watha T. Daniel-Shaw Library
    1630 7th Street N.W.
    Washington, DC 20001

    Alexandria, Virginia Classes (Young Fathers Ages 16-24)

    Charles Henry Houston Recreation Center
    905 Wythe Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Fairfax, Virginia Class (locations vary throughout the year)

    South County
    Falls Church (English)
    Falls Church (Spanish)

    support CYEP by providing referrals and resources

    Our Partners

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    NextFlex’s FlexFactor program challenges students to work in teams to identify a real-world problem, conceptualize an advanced hardware solution and build a business model around it.

    Economic Empowerment Workshops*

    1. Intro to Personal Finance
    2. Establishing Professional Presence
    3. Job Application Process
    4. Planning & Advancing Your Career

    *Workshops are on Monday evenings, 7-8PM

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    Melwood supports children, youth and adults with disabilities to work and play where and how they choose. We provide employment, job training, life skill improvement, supportive and recreational services to more than 2,000 people with disabilities each year.
    Available Opportunities via Melwood

    Melwood JOBs

    Melwood JOBs offers Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients with disabilities to obtain employment while mitigating crises. This program goes beyond typical Community Services by going more in-depth in the job search process.


    In partnership with Cybrary, this 14-week training program consists of both technical training and professional and personal development, leading to industry-recognized credentials followed by job search assistance, placement and on-the-job coaching.
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    The Carpenters’ Apprentice Readiness Program (CARP) is a unique program that offers qualified candidates the chance to pre-register for an 8-week pre-apprentice training program that introduces participants to the basics of the carpentry- related construction industry. After graduation from the pre- apprentice training program, candidates can apply for entry into their local registered carpenters apprenticeship program.

    • 8-week course (Saturdays, 8 consecutive weeks)
    • All materials, tools, equipment provided
    • In-demand job field

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    The Virginia Tech College Access Collaborative aims to increase academic preparation, access and affordability for first-generation, low-income, underrepresented minorities from rural and inner-city communities.

    Parent Education Navigation (PEN) workshops are single-day events that promote parental educational involvement. They provide career awareness, and career and education-focused information so parents can support their child’s educational journey.

    Capital youth empowerment program

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